Centre For High Speed Aerodynamics


The main objective of hypersonics and detonation research at Temasek Laboratories@NUS is to study fundamental aerodynamics, thermodynamics, combustion, guidance and control for hypersonic flight and to develop several key enabling technologies for the use of detonation waves for aerospace propulsion applications.


Programme Overview

For hypersonics, current research focuses on some vital scientific problems that occur in high-speed vehicles in a non-ideal atmosphere, such as re-entry, transition to turbulence, heated shockwave-boundary-layer-interactions and real gas effects. The ongoing work consists of developing CFD capabilities for high-speed flows and joint experimental research and collaboration between the University of Queensland (UQ) and NUS to study hypersonic aerothermodynamics, ablation flows and advanced hypersonic ground testing facilities.

For detonation propulsion, the motivations for our research include fundamental science of detonation initiation and reacting flow physics of rotating detonation; investigation of pulse detonation engines (PDEs) and continuous rotating detonation engines (RDEs) in practical applications for various purposes, e.g. air-breathing systems, rocket motors and turbojets. Through experimental investigations and numerical simulations, research subjects and milestones that have been achieved include detonation initiation via deflagration-to-detonation transition, detonation re-initiation process and mechanisms through reflections, demonstration of liquid-fuel PDE, excessively fuel-rich conditions for cold starting of liquid-fuel PDE, injection strategies for liquid-fuel RDE, graphene oxide nanosheets assisted detonation transition. Current topics focus on the development of RDE. During our study, several optical diagnostic techniques have been adopted: Schlieren imaging, planar laser-induced fluorescence, open shutter photography, tunable diode laser absorption spectrometer and soot foil technique.


Group Head

Associate Professor TEO, Chiang Juay, Associate Professor, email: mpeteocj@nus.edu.sg

Technical Staff

Dr LI, Jiun-Ming Jimmy, Senior Research Scientist, email: tslljm@nus.edu.sg
Dr LIU, Ningyu, Senior Research Scientist, email: tslln@nus.edu.sg
Dr CHANG Po-Hsiung, Research Scientist, email: tslcph@nus.edu.sg
Dr SHAN, Ruiqin, Research Scientist, email: tslsr@nus.edu.sg
Dr TAY, Wee Beng, Research Scientist, email: tsltaywb@nus.edu.sg
Dr WEI, Han, Research Scientist, email: tslweih@nus.edu.sg
Mr CHEN, Zhen, Associate Scientist, email: tslchen@nus.edu.sg
Mr YANG, Yuchen, Associate Scientist, email: tslyay@nus.edu.sg
Mr Sreekanth, RAGHUNATH, Associate Scientist, email: tslrag@nus.edu.sg
Mr ZHAO, Xiang, Associate Scientist, email: tslzha@nus.edu.sg
Mr LIM, Kim Seng, Laboratory Executive, email: tsllks@nus.edu.sg

Adjunct Staff

Dr NGUYEN, Van Bo, Adjunct Senior Research Scientist, email: tslnvb@nus.edu.sg