Centre For High Speed Aerodynamics


The main objective of high speed aerodynamics research at Temasek Laboratories@NUS is to study fundamental aerodynamics, thermodynamics, combustion,and control for high-speed  flight and to develop several key enabling technologies for the use of detonation waves for aerospace propulsion applications.


Programme Overview

For high-speed flows, current research focuses on some vital scientific problems that occur in high-speed vehicles in a non-ideal atmosphere, such as re-entry, transition to turbulence, heated shockwave-boundary-layer-interactions and real gas effects. The ongoing work consists of developing CFD capabilities for high-speed flows and joint experimental research and collaboration between the University of Queensland (UQ) and NUS to study high-speed aerothermodynamics, ablation flows and advanced high-speed ground testing facilities. 

For detonation propulsion, the motivations for our research include fundamental science of detonation initiation and reacting flow physics of rotating detonation; investigation of pulse detonation engines (PDEs) and continuous rotating detonation engines (RDEs) in practical applications for various purposes, e.g. air-breathing systems, rocket motors and turbojets. Through experimental investigations and numerical simulations, research subjects and milestones that have been achieved include detonation initiation via deflagration-to-detonation transition, detonation re-initiation process and mechanisms through reflections, demonstration of liquid-fuel PDE, excessively fuel-rich conditions for cold starting of liquid-fuel PDE, injection strategies for liquid-fuel RDE, graphene oxide nanosheets assisted detonation transition. Current topics focus on the development of RDE. During our study, several optical diagnostic techniques have been adopted: Schlieren imaging, planar laser-induced fluorescence, open shutter photography, tunable diode laser absorption spectrometer and soot foil technique.


Group Head

Associate Professor TEO, Chiang Juay, Associate Professor, email: mpeteocj@nus.edu.sg

Technical Staff

Dr CHANG Po-Hsiung, Senior Research Scientist, email: tslcph@nus.edu.sg
Dr LI, Jiun-Ming Jimmy, Senior Research Scientist, email: tslljm@nus.edu.sg
Dr LIU, Ningyu, Senior Research Scientist, email: tslln@nus.edu.sg
Dr TAY, Chien Ming Jonathan, Senior Research Scientist, email: tsltcm@nus.edu.sg
Dr SHAN, Ruiqin, Research Scientist, email: tslsr@nus.edu.sg
Dr TAY, Wee Beng, Research Scientist, email: tsltaywb@nus.edu.sg
Dr WEI, Han, Research Scientist, email: tslweih@nus.edu.sg
Dr CHEN, Zhen, Research Scientist, email: tslchen@nus.edu.sg
Mr YANG, Yuchen, Associate Scientist, email: tslyay@nus.edu.sg
Mr ZHAO, Xiang, Associate Scientist, email: tslzha@nus.edu.sg
Mr LIM, Kim Seng, Laboratory Executive, email: tsllks@nus.edu.sg

Adjunct Staff

Dr NGUYEN, Van Bo, Adjunct Senior Research Scientist, email: tslnvb@nus.edu.sg