Centre For Flight Sciences

Low Speed Aerodynamics

The purpose of the group is to conduct experiments on advanced concepts for improving the fluid-dynamic performance of vehicles. The research activities span the areas of aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, hydrodynamics, fluid/structures interaction, and propulsion, and provide potential solutions to enhance performance and reliability of aircraft, UAV, and AUV. Main focus is on flow physics, adaptable aerodynamic systems, and actuators for flow control.



Intelligent Unmanned System

The Control Science Group at Temasek Laboratories@NUS engages in the analysis and feedback control of dynamical systems in aeronautics and defence. The main types of control systems of interest are autonomous aerial vehicles, unmanned marine vessels and, more generally, multi-agent systems such as squadrons of unmanned vehicles. The programme emphasizes basic research in systems and control theory, as well as development of design methodologies and control algorithms for specific problems.