Electromagnetics Division

Antenna Group

Antennas and antenna arrays are important sub-systems in communication and radar systems. Special antennas are designed for specific applications. Our research focuses on developing knowledge and understanding of advanced antennas and antenna arrays, developing special tools for analysis of antennas and radomes.

Advanced Materials Group

Develop knowledge and understanding of the underlying physics governing the electromagnetic (EM) properties of materials, particularly pertaining to the interaction of EM wave with materials and structures, that are relevant to the development of materials for defense applications.

Propagation & Scattering Group

To understand, control and exploit the propagation and scattering characteristics of electromagnetic (EM) waves in real world, it is essential to develop methodologies and computational EM (CEM) tools for modeling both scattering and radiation problems with practical configurations. Particularly important are configurations that are electrically large in size, complex in structure, and irregular in shape. The Propagation and Scattering Group of Temasek Laboratories undertakes the long-term development of CEM capabilities, to be fulfilled through six efforts.