Cryptography Programme

Programme Overview

Information security is a multi-disciplinary field which involves mathematics, computer sciences and engineering for protection of information. The information security programme is to address real world information security issues and provides innovative security solutions. The research activities of the programme are cryptology, systems security; and wireless and networks security.

Cryptology: The research focuses on design and analysis of cryptographic algorithms and protocols which includes stream ciphers, block ciphers, hash functions, boolean functions, random number generator, key exchange protocols and public-key cryptography, etc. The research also includes mathematical techniques, for example, computational number theory, elliptic curves, lattices and computational algebra, etc.

Systems Security: The research will include operating systems security (Window, Linux, etc), software security (malicious codes identification, codes assurance/verification, etc), system access control mechanism, database security and systems security vulnerability study, etc.

Wireless and Networks Security: The research will involve in the vulnerability assessment of wireless communications and networks; and provides innovative security solutions. This includes wired networks, RFID, Bluetooth, WLAN, WiMax, mobile ad hoc network (MANET), sensor ad hoc network, 2/3/4G wireless communications, etc.

Group Head

Dr TAN, Chik How, Principal Research Scientist, email:

Technical Staff

Dr LAU, Shue Chien Terry, Research Scientist, email:
Mr PRABOWO, Theo Fanuela, Associate Scientist, email: