Staff Profile

Dr LIU, Ningyu, Senior Research Scientist, email:

Dr. Liu Ningyu is born in Shanghai, China, currently working as a Senior Research Scientist in Temasek Laboratories. Dr. Liu Ningyu obtained her Bachelor degree in Aerodynamics in 1984 from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NAUU). After graduation, she worked in Chendu Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation as an Engineer. Dr. Liu obtained her Master degree in CFD from National University of Defense Technology (NUDT, China) in 1989, and then worked in Hefei University of Technology as a lecturer. Dr. Liu obtained Ph.D degree in CFD from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 1998. After graduation, she came to Singapore and worked as Research Fellow in NTU and then in NUS. In year 2007, Dr. Liu joined DSI, A-star as Research Scientist. After nine years working with A-star, she joined Temasek Laboratories in Feb. 2017.

Major Research Activities

  • Numerical simulation of air flow and thermal properties around airplane
  • Numerical simulation of heat transfer and cooling system
  • Design and flow field optimization of ultra-thin CPU fan
  • Numerical simulation of particle trajectory in hard disk drives
  • Design and flow field optimization of servo track writer
  • Structural vibration and flow-structure interaction analysis
  • LDV and PIV measurements and analysis
  • Design of in-vehicle event recording and management device
  • Experimental study of flow properties in waste water treatment device
  • Numerical study of micro-flow and nano-flow in hard disk drives


Research Interests

  • CFD coding development in FORTRAN and C++
  • Numerical simulation of particle trajectory
  • Numerical simulation of multiphase flow
  • Numerical simulation of mass and heat transfer
  • Numerical simulation of flow-structure interaction
  • Numerical study of micro-flow and nano-flow
  • Industry applications of CFD and FEA software: FLUENT, ANSYS, OpenFOAM
  • Design optimization by Pro-E, Tecplot and Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Flow measurements and with PIV
  • Measurement data acquisition, processing and statistical analysis