Staff Profile

Dr RAMESH, Sai Sudha, Research Scientist, email:

I was born in 1981 in Neyveli, India. I graduated with Bachelors in Civil Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS, Pilani) in 2003 and was given a direct transfer to M.E (Structural engineering). I obtained my PhD degree in 2009 from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and pursued my postdoctoral research on computational acoustics and model order reduction in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS. I joined Temasek Laboratories in January 2015. Research has been my passion since graduate years and I enjoy developing scientific research codes. Apart from research, I revel in singing/listening to classical music. I enjoy spending weekends with a group of young kids in SSE (Sai Educare), which fosters human values.

Research Interests
Computational Acoustics
Model Order Reduction
Finite/ Boundary Element Methods

Selected Publications
Ramesh SS, Lim KM, Zheng J, Khoo BC (2014). Numerical analysis of flow induced noise propagation in supercavitating vehicles at subsonic speeds. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 135, 1752-1764.

Ramesh SS, Lim KM, Khoo BC (2013). On the prediction of self-noise due to supercavitating underwater vehicle moving at subsonic speed using boundary element approach. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, POMA 17, 70-78.

Ramesh SS, Lim KM, Khoo BC (2012). An axisymmetric hypersingular boundary integral formulation for simulating acoustic wave propagation in supercavitating flows. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 331, 4313-4342.

Ramesh SS, Wang CM (2010). Triangular higher-order element for better prediction of stress resultants and stresses in plated and shell structures. The IES Journal Part A: Civil and Structural Engineering, 3, 131-146.

Ramesh SS, Wang CM, Reddy JN, Ang KK (2009). A higher-order plate element for accurate prediction of interlaminar stresses in laminated composite plates. Composite Structures 91, 337–357.

Ramesh SS, Wang CM, Reddy JN, Ang KK (2008). Computation of stress resultants in plate bending problems using higher-order triangular elements. Engineering Structures 30, 2687–2706.

Wang CM, Zhang YY, Ramesh SS, Kitipornchai S (2006). Buckling analysis of micro- and nano-rods/tubes based on nonlocal Timoshenko beam theory. Journal Physics D:  Applied Physics 39, 3904–3909.

Other Publications
Ramesh SS, Lim KM, Khoo BC, On the Prediction of Self-Noise due to Supercavitating Underwater Vehicle Moving at Subsonic Speed Using Boundary Element Approach, 11th European Conference on Underwater Acoustics, Edinburgh, UK, 2nd-6th July, 2012.

Ramesh SS, Wang CM, Reddy JN, Ang KK, Development of higher-order triangular elements for better prediction of stress-resultants in plate, 11th East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering & Construction, Taipei, Taiwan, 19th-21st November, 2008.

Ramesh SS, Wang CM, Reddy JN, Ang KK, A new higher-order plate finite element for accurate prediction of interlaminar stresses in laminated composite plates, The 21st KKCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, Singapore, 27-28th October, 2008.

Ramesh SS, Computer Aided Analysis of Hyperbolic Cooling Towers: Effects of Axi-Symmetric Imperfections, Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Structural and Foundation Failures, Singapore, August 2004.

Ramesh SS, Lim KM, Khoo BC, Comparison of constant and discontinuous quadratic boundary elements for exterior axisymmetric acoustic-wave propagation (Manuscript submitted to Journal of Computational Acoustics for a possible publication)