3 December 2018 - Seminar on "DelFly Nimble: Can flapping wing robots teach us about animal flight?" by Dr. Matěj Karásek, Researcher, Micro Air Vehicles Laboratory, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

23 November 2018 - Seminar on "Unmanned systems with adaptation" by Dr. Hongbin Ma, Professor, School of Automation, Beijing Institute of Technology

9 November 2018 - Temasek Laboratories@NUS Deepavali Departmental Gathering

2 November 2018 - Seminar on "Study on Two-Element High Lift Airfoil" by Dr. Cui Yongdong, Senior Research Scientist, Temasek Laboratories, National University of Singapore


Centre For High Speed Aerodynamics
Fundamental aerodynamics, thermodynamics, combustion, guidance and control. Pulse detonation engine.

Centre For Flight Sciences
Computational fluid dynamics, aeroelasticity, design optimization. Flow control. Robust & failure-tolerant control, guidance.

Centre For Electromagnetics
Antenna design. Propagation and scattering of EM waves, computational EM. EM materials.

Cryptography Programme
Cryptology, system security, wireless and network security

Recent Publications

Title: Development and Flight Performance of a Biological-inspired Tailless Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle with Wing Stroke Plane Modulation (Journal)
Source: Bioinspiration & Biomimetics IOPscience, IOP Publishing Bristol, United Kingdom Vol:14 ISSN:17483182 PP:1-28 Published December 2018
Author(s): Quoc Viet Nguyen; Woei Leong Chan
Research Area: Aeronautics

Title: Development of an Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle with Object Detection Using Deep Learning (Conference)
Source: The 44th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society NA NA NA Washington, D.C., USA (21 Oct 2018 - 23 Oct 2018) Vol:1 ISSN:xxxxxxxx PP:1-6 Published October 2018
Research Area: Control & Guidance / Control Science Group

Title: Numerical simulation of a flapping wing MAV based on wing deformation capture analysis (Journal)
Source: AIAA journal Vol: ISSN: PP:-
Author(s): wee beng tay; B.W. van Oudheusden; J.H.S. de Baar; M. Percin; S. Deng
Research Area: Aeronautics