5 April 2019 - Seminar on "Experimental Study of Wind Load on Tree Using Scaled Fractal Tree Model" by Dr. Chan Woei Leong, Senior Research Scientist, Temasek Laboratories, NUS

5 April 2019 - Seminar on "Preliminarily study of bionic aerodynamic noise control for multi-rotor small unmanned aerial vehicle" by Dr. Lu Zhenbo, Senior Research Scientist, Temasek Laboratories, NUS

15 March 2019 - Temasek Laboratories@NUS March & April Birthday Party

8 March 2019 - Seminar on "A numerical study on the effects of shallow dimples in turbulent channel flows and the implications on the drag property" by Dr. Ng Jee Hann, Research Scientist, Temasek Laboratories, NUS


Centre For High Speed Aerodynamics
Fundamental aerodynamics, thermodynamics, combustion, guidance and control. Pulse detonation engine.

Centre For Flight Sciences
Computational fluid dynamics, aeroelasticity, design optimization. Flow control. Robust & failure-tolerant control, guidance.

Centre For Electromagnetics
Antenna design. Propagation and scattering of EM waves, computational EM. EM materials.

Cryptography Programme
Cryptology, system security, wireless and network security

Recent Publications

Title: Left-Right Comparative Recurrent Model for Stereo Matching (Conference)
Source: 2018 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition IEEE Michael S. Brown, Bryan Morse, Shmuel Peleg Salt Lake City, UT, USA (18 Jun 2018 - 23 Jun 2018) Vol:1 ISSN:25757075 PP:3838-3846 Published June 2018
Author(s): Pengfei Wang; Zequn Jie
Research Area: Control & Guidance

Title: Feasibility study of supersonic flow control using multi-pulse nanosecond Dielectric Barrier Discharge plasma actuators (Conference)
Source: European Drag Reduction and Flow Control Meeting (EDRFCM) Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Karlsruhe (26 Mar 2019 - 29 Mar 2019) Vol:1 ISSN:00000000 PP:1-1 Published March 2019
Author(s): Jee Hann Ng; Boo Cheong Khoo; Yongdong Cui
Research Area: Aeronautics / Experimental AeroScience Group

Title: Challenges of Optical Flow Analysis in Supersonic Jets (Conference)
Source: 55th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition Texas USA (09 Jan 2017 - 13 Jan 2017) Vol: ISSN: PP:-
Author(s): H.D. Lim; J. Wu; Shengxian Shi; T.H. New; Xiaofeng Wei; Y.D. Cui
Research Area: Aeronautics