Archived Events for Visit

04 June 2019
Visit by Vietnam National University, Hanoi

15 April 2019
Visit by participants of DMSC 2019

16 July 2018
Visit by US Army SCF, USA

02 April 2018
Visit by RADM Frederick Chew, Deputy Secretary (Technology), MINDEF

05 February 2018
Visit by Dr. Dong Yang Wu, Chief of Aerospace Division DST Group

29 January 2018
Visit by Defence SA Delegation

24 January 2018
Visit by Swedish Delegation

08 January 2018
Visit by Dr. Alex Zelinsky, Australia Chief Defence Scientist

31 October 2017
Visit by Swedish Collaboration Director

05 October 2017
Visit by Mr. Neo Kian Hong, Permanent Secretary (Defence Development), MINDEF

30 June 2017
Seminar on "Flow Separation in Hypersonic High Enthalpy Flows" by Professor Sudhir L. Gai, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, University of New South Wales, Canberra

28 June 2017
Visit by Dr. Ho Quan Wai, FSTD

01 June 2017
Visit by Dr. Timothy Chung, Tactical Technology Office (TTO), Program Manager, DARPA, USA

18 May 2017
Visit of French Delegation led by IGA Caroline Laurent, Director, Strategy Directorate, Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), France

17 April 2017
Visit by participants of DMSC 2017, DSTA

13 March 2017
Visit by Mr. Ng Chee Khern, Permanent Secretary (Defence Development), MINDEF

31 January 2017
Visit by Mr Cheong Chee Hoo, Chief Executive Officer, DSO

23 January 2017
Visit by Dr. Kim Inho, President ADD, Korea

06 January 2017
Seminar on "Nonlinear Aeroelastic Analysis of Curved Laminated Composite Panels" by Dr. An Xiaomin, Academic Visitor, Temasek Laboratories, NUS

01 November 2016
Visit by Mr. Quek Gim Pew, Chief Defence Scientist, MINDEF

20 October 2015
Visit by Professor Ho Teck Hua, Deputy President (Research & Technology) and Professor Philip Li-Fan Liu, Vice President (Research & Technology), NUS Office of the Deputy President (Research & Technology)

22 May 2015
Visit by Army Research Lab (ARL), USA

09 April 2015
Visit by VADM Valter Girardelli, Deputy Secretary General/Deputy Director of National Armaments, Secretariat General of Defence and National Armaments Directorate (SGD/NAD)

25 February 2014
Visit by Dr. Ken Anderson, Chief of Aerospace Division, DSTO, Australia

25 February 2014
Visit by Future Systems and Technology Directorate (FSTD), MINDEF

29 October 2013
Visit by ONR

09 October 2013
Visit by SLTC Lee Tin Hua, Head Systems & Capability Group, FSTD

23 April 2013
Visit by SONDRA

06 March 2013
Visit by JCIS

11 July 2012
Visit by Australian CDS

14 June 2012
Visit by National Chi Nan University

06 March 2012
Visit by TF-NUS Programme for Leadership in University Management

15 February 2012
Visit by Dr. Eric Pleska

30 September 2011
Visit by DoD

27 September 2011
Visit by ONERA

13 September 2011
Visit by Permanent Secretary

04 August 2011
Visit by FKIE

01 July 2011
Visit by National Tsinghua Univeristy

03 June 2011
Visit by Ministry of Defence UK

12 April 2011
Visit by DPO

09 February 2011
Visit by Hon Zachary Lemnios

27 January 2011
Visit by IGA Jean-Pierre Devaux

22 September 2010
Visit by Indian Ministry of Defence, Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO)

26 August 2010
Visit by Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)

13 August 2010
Visit by Dr. Jim Chang, Chief Scientist, US Army Research Lab (ARL)

05 July 2010
Visit by VADM (RET) Daniel T Oliver

17 February 2010
Visit by NTU

18 January 2010
Visit by SERC

08 January 2010
Visit by Professor Daniel Frey

01 October 2009
VIsit by DS(T)

24 July 2009
Visit by Mr. Erwin Bernhard

20 March 2009
Visit by Mr. Alan Shaffer, Acting Director and Principal Deputy Director, Defence Research and Engineering

18 March 2009
Visit by Professor Theodor Krauthammer, University of Florida, USA

05 August 2008
Visit of Airbus Delegation

08 May 2008
Visit by ST Engineering

01 April 2008
Visit of Royal Saudi Land Forces

20 February 2008
Visit of Mr. Joe Sciabica, Executive Director for AFRL

20 February 2008
Visit of Dr. Thomas Killion, US Army and Dy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology

10 July 2007
Visit of Indian Delegation led by Dr. Debasis Chkraborty

29 May 2007
Visit of French Delegation led by Prof. Alain BRAVO, Director General Supélec.

17 May 2007
Visit of Italian Government Delegation led by Admiral Lucio Accardo, Chief of Research & Technology, Italian MOD

27 April 2007
Visit of German Delegation led by Mr Hartmutt Wolff, Chief of R&T Strategy and International R&T Cooperation, German Ministry of Defence

24 February 2006
Visit of Delagtion from US Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL)

05 April 2005
Visit of Delegation from Future Systems Directorate (FSD), MINDEF

14 March 2005
Visit by Dr. Mark Lewis, Chief Scientist, US Air FOrce

28 February 2005
Visit by IGA Jean-Yves Leloup, SDTDF recipient 2003

24 February 2005
Visit of Dassault Aviation, France

24 February 2005
Visit of Delegation from US Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL)

18 February 2005
Visit by Delegation of French Helicopter Carrier

14 February 2005
Visit of Dr. Roger L. Hagengruber, Singapore Defence Technology Distinguished Fellow 2003

13 December 2004
Visit by the Delegation from European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), Europe

25 August 2004
Visit by the Delegation of Agency for Defense Development (ADD), Republic of Korea

07 July 2004
Visit by Mr. Denis Maugars, President of Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales (ONERA), France

22 April 2004
Visit by Dr. Tim McKenna, First Assistant Secretary for Science Policy, Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), Australia

12 April 2004
Visit by Dr. Ronald Sega, Director of Defence Research & Engineering, US Department of Defence, and Dr Amy Alving, Director of Special Projects Office, Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency

08 April 2004
Visit by Dr. Roger Lough, Chief Scientist, Defence Science and Technology Organization, Australia

11 March 2004
Visit by Mrs. Madelene Sandstrom, Director General, the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Sweden

10 March 2004
Visit by The Delegation of The Boeing Company

25 February 2004
Visit by Dr. Anthony Finn, Head of Automation of the Battlespace, Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO), Australia

11 February 2004
Visit by the Delegation from European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), Europe

03 February 2004
Visit by Prof. Bengt Anderberg is the former Director-General, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Sweden

08 January 2004
Visit by Dr. Alton Romig, Vice President, Nonproliferation & Assessment, Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), USA

20 November 2003
Visit by Dr. Filippo Neri, President of Virtualabs s.r.l. Italy

08 November 2003
Visit by the Delegation from DSTO, led by Mr. Neil L. Bryans, Director Information Sciences Lab, DSTO, Australia

21 October 2003
Visit by an FOI delegation, led by Ms. Helena Bergman, Head of Weapons and Protection Division, FOI, Sweden

13 September 2003
Visit by Professor Sir Keith O'Nions, Chief Scientific Adviser, Ministry of Defence, UK

17 July 2003
Visit by IGA Jean-Yves Leloup, Former Director of Forces Systems & Planning (DSP), DGA, France

11 March 2003
Visit by A/P Dave Harries, Division of Continuing Studies, Royal Military College of Canada (RMC)

24 February 2003
Visit by Prof. Jean-Jacques Duby, Director-General of Supelec

11 February 2003
Visit by Dr. Claude Canizares, Associate Provost, MIT, and Dr. David Briggs, Director, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

10 February 2003
Mr Martin Earwicker, CEO Dstl, and Dr Dai Morris, Hd Research Collaboration, UK MOD Visit to Temasek Laboratories.

27 January 2003
Visit by a delegation from Singapore Technologies Engineering