5 July 2019 - Seminar on "Computational Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics of Highly-Heated Rectangular Supersonic Jets" by Dr. Chen Song, Linné FLOW Centre, Department of Mechanics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

7 June 2019 - Seminar by Mr. Rahul Halder & Mr. Shashank Srivastava

4 June 2019 - Visit by Vietnam National University, Hanoi

29 May 2019 - Temasek Laboratories@NUS May & June Birthday Party


Centre For High Speed Aerodynamics
Fundamental aerodynamics, thermodynamics, combustion, guidance and control. Pulse detonation engine.

Centre For Flight Sciences
Computational fluid dynamics, aeroelasticity, design optimization. Flow control. Robust & failure-tolerant control, guidance.

Centre For Electromagnetics
Antenna design. Propagation and scattering of EM waves, computational EM. EM materials.

Cryptography Programme
Cryptology, system security, wireless and network security

Recent Publications

Title: Cryptanalysis on CCA2-Secured LRPC-Kronecker Cryptosystem (Conference)
Source: The 24th Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy (ACISP 2019) Information Security and Privacy Springer, Cham Julian Jang-Jaccard, Fuchun Guo Christchurch, New Zealand (03 Jul 2019 - 05 Jul 2019) Vol:11547 ISSN: PP:211-228
Author(s): Terry Shue Chien Lau; Chik How Tan
Research Area: Information Security / Information Security Programme

Title: Numerical Simulation of Flapping Wing MAVs in V-formation (Journal)
Source: Journal of Bionic Engineering Springer Switzerland Vol:16 ISSN:1672-652 PP:265-280 Published March 2019
Author(s): wee beng tay; Boo-Cheong Khoo; Kishen Raj Murugaya; Woei leong Chan
Research Area: Aeronautics / Hypersonics & Detonation Propulsion Group

Title: Numerical Evaluation of Station-keeping Strategies for Stratospheric Balloons (Journal)
Source: Journal of Aerospace Science and Technology Vol: ISSN: PP:-
Author(s): Sai Sudha Ramesh; Boo Cheong Khoo; Heow Pueh Lee; Juanli Ma; Kian Meng Lim
Research Area: Aeronautics